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Do Corgis Bark a Lot? Everything You Need To Know!

Corgis are a popular breed that has been around since the Middle Ages. They were initially bred to help herd sheep and cattle, but they have become more of an indoor dog than anything else. Due to these characteristics, corgis have been known to bark excessively when left alone.

So do corgis bark a lot? Generally, corgis bark a lot due to their herding instincts. They are one of the dog breeds that bark the most. It is because they are bred to be herding dogs and are used to alerting their owner of any potential danger.

A corgi is not your breed if you are looking for a quiet dog. However, if you are willing to put in the work to train your Corgi not to bark excessively, then in this article, I’m going to tell you how to train your dog to stop barking. I’ll also share tips from my experience training dogs to stop barking.

Let’s get started!

What’s the reason why corgis bark a lot?

Welsh Corgi owners often complain that their dogs bark excessively. They say they don’t know why this happens because they’ve never had another dog before. The truth is that most dogs bark at least occasionally. It’s normal behavior, but for welsh corgis, it’s even more common than in other breeds.

If you want a dog that doesn’t bark, then you need to teach him to bark when needed. You can do this by using these methods:

  • Training
  • Dog Obedience Classes
  • Crate Training
  • Electronic Collars
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Ignoring your Corgi
  • Shaping
  • Lure based training
  • Clicker training

I will go over each method in detail below. Let’s start with the first option.

How to train your Corgi not to bark too much

Training is the best way to teach your dog not to bark. In fact, it’s probably the only way to teach a dog to stop barking. There are many different ways to train a dog not to bark, but here are some of the most effective ones:

Positive Reinforcement

This is probably the most effective way to train a dog not to bark. When your dog does something that you want him to do, you reward him with a treat, a toy, or some other form of positive reinforcement. For example, if your dog stops barking when you say ‘quiet,’ you would give him a treat.

Ignoring your Corgi

This is where you pretend like your dog doesn’t exist when he’s barking. For example, if your dog starts barking for attention, you would turn your back on him and ignore him until he stops barking.

Dogs can feel emotions, so if you show Corgi that you’re ignoring his behavior, he may think he’s doing something wrong. 

Using an electronic collar

An electronic collar works well for teaching dogs not to bark. These collars are designed to use vibration to send your dog a buzz to his neck. 

The vibration will make your dog stop barking. He will think that there is something wrong and will stop barking.

They are not painful, as many people are concerned about them being used on dogs. Instead, they just make your dog think that there’s danger around because of the unexpected vibration.


Shaping is a great way to train your dog not to bark excessively. Shaping is where you reward your dog for getting closer and closer to the behavior that you want him to do.

For example, if you want your dog to stop barking, you would start by rewarding him for coming close to you.

Once he gets the hang of it, you will start rewarding him for getting closer to the desired behavior. And finally, you would reward him for actually doing the behavior.

Lure based training

Lure-based training is another great way to train your dog not to bark excessively. Lure-based training is where you use a treat or toy to lure your dog into the desired behavior. For example, if you want your dog to sit, you would hold a treat in front of his nose and move it back until he sits down. Once he sits, you will give him the treat.

Clicker training

Clicker training is a form of positive reinforcement that involves clicking a clicker whenever your dog performs a task correctly. Clickers are small devices that make a noise when pressed.

You can use a clicker to train your dog to do anything from sit, stay, come, down, and more.

Clicker training is a great way to train your dog because it is a positive reinforcement method. This means that you are rewarding your dog for doing something correctly.

Tips to help avoid excessive barking

Corgis are very intelligent dogs. They love playing and being around people. However, some Corgis do tend to bark excessively. If you want to stop your dog from barking, try these tips:

1. Make sure that your dog gets regular exercise. Oftentimes your dog has excess energy, so you’ll need to let him burn this energy off with physical exercise. This includes walks, playtime, and training sessions. A sedentary lifestyle leads to boredom, which causes a dog to become restless and start acting up.

2. Do not punish your dog if he barks. Instead, use positive reinforcement. For example, give him treats if he stops barking.

3. Create a calm environment for your Corgi. Avoid loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Your dog might start barking because of fear.

4. Teach your dog what sound means. Play a recording of his favorite song, and listen to it together. Then, repeat the same thing whenever he starts barking.

5. Watch out for distractions. When your dog hears something unusual, he might start barking. Be careful about where you put things that could trigger your dog’s barking.

6. Leave your dog alone. Letting your dog be alone for long periods of time may cause him to get bored. It also makes him feel insecure. He might start barking just to let everyone know that he’s there.

 7. Keep your dog away from other animals. Dogs have an instinctual need to protect their territory. If they see another animal, they may think that someone else wants to invade their space.

The goal here isn’t to make your dog perfect. It’s to help him become accustomed to certain behaviors and develop good habits.

Once he gets used to doing things because he likes getting rewards, he’ll keep doing those things even without being told to do so. And that’s how positive reinforcement training helps dogs learn.

When your dog barks, use a treat as a reward to get his attention on you. This method works best when your dog is young because older dogs are less likely to respond to food rewards.

If you choose to use food rewards, ensure they aren’t too big or heavy. Smaller treats like chicken tenders work well.

What not to do

Never punish your dog for barking because it will cause aggression and fear. Instead, teach him how to bark appropriately.

Ask him if you don’t know what he wants to tell you. And always praise him when he does something good. He will learn that barking is a way to let you know he needs attention.

Corgis are known for being brilliant dogs, but they still need training to learn certain things like stopping barking. If you want to make sure your dog stops barking, you’ll need professional help.

The best way to do this is to find a reputable breeder who specializes in training Corgis. You’ll want to start looking for one well ahead of time because there aren’t many breeders out there who specialize in training Corgis, according to Animal Planet.

How to know if your puppy will be loud

Corgis are very vocal. They usually bark all night long. But some don’t make much noise at all. How do you know if your puppy will be one of those quiet ones?

Check out the pups’ parents to see if they sound like they’ll be vocal. It might be a good sign if they seem calm and relaxed around the pup. You could even ask the breeder about how well they’ve been trained.

If you want to avoid having a barking dog, there are things you can do to help train him. For example, give him lots of attention during the obedience training sessions. He needs to learn that he gets treats for being good. And teach him to sit quietly while you work or watch TV.

Look at its parents

Breeding puppies from two different lines or breeds is good if you want to combine desirable characteristics in one animal. But don’t breed your dog without seeing her/him. Puppies born to calm parents are usually less stressed and calmer themselves.

Socialization matters

The most common way to socialize puppies is to allow them to play with other dogs. This helps them develop confidence and trust. If you don’t want to take your dog out for walks every day, consider taking him to a local park where he’ll meet lots of people and animals. You might even bring along some toys and treats to keep his attention focused on you.

If you do decide to go outside regularly, make sure that your puppy gets plenty of exercises. Exercise keeps your dog healthy and happy.


Pembroke welsh Corgi vs. Cardigan welsh corgi barking behavior

Both Cardigan and Pembroke welsh corgi bark the exact same amount. This makes it difficult to tell which one is the dominant breed.

The difference lies in how they react to people coming into the house. If you come home early, the owner might notice that his/her dog barks at strangers. But if you come home late, he/she probably won’t know what happened.

Socialization is critical to determine if the dogs will bark or not. A well-socialized dog usually doesn’t bark around strangers for no reason.


Acknowledge the barking

You probably understand why it barks if you’ve owned a dog. Some dogs are happy to see you, while others might be frustrated because they’re bored or hungry. 

Once you identify the cause, acknowledge your dog’s behavior. You’ll also earn points with your dog.

Don’t excite your dog

A few days ago, I received a video from my friend about his experience with a corgi he had adopted. He wrote me saying that the dog was amiable and playful, but one day he got excited and began barking like crazy.

This happened several times throughout a couple of hours. My friend tried everything he could to make him stop, including giving him treats, playing with him, whispering to him, and even putting him outside to relieve himself.

But nothing worked, and the dog kept getting louder and louder. In the end, he just gave up and left the house.

I told him it sounded like a common problem and asked what he did next. He responded that he didn’t know how else to handle it. So, I thought I would give you some advice on how to deal with such situations.

Here are some tips to help you keep your dog happy and quiet when he starts misbehaving.

1. Do not let your dog get excited unnecessarily

The most important thing to remember here is that dogs do not understand human language. They cannot tell us what they want or why they feel certain emotions. If we try to communicate with our dogs verbally, there is no way we are making sense to them or not.

Therefore, we must rely on body language and gestures to convey our messages. When your dog begins to misbehave, simply ignore him. Please don’t talk to him, pet him, or feed him. Just stand there and wait until he calms down.

2. When your dog gets excited, he will bark loudly

When a dog gets excited, he tends to start barking. Sometimes, though, he doesn’t realize that he is being loud. In fact, many owners will yell out things like “Quiet down!”, “Stop that!” or “Shut up!”. Unfortunately, none of these commands mean anything to a dog. All he hears is noise coming from another person, so he interprets it as a threat. As soon as he realizes that someone is yelling at him, he begins barking again.

3. You can calm down a dog by talking softly to him

What makes these corgi owners frustrated is that they’re not alone. Many dog owners report similar experiences. And there’s no reason to be frustrated when there’s a simple solution. Simply talking softly to your dog will calm him down.

Even though your Corgi cannot understand human language, he can feel your vibes and your emotions. These all together are a form of communication. By speaking softly to him, you are telling him that you are not angry and that you are trying to figure out what he wants.


Corgis bark at night

Your dog may be trying to communicate with you. He may be trying to alert you to danger or just letting you know that he needs attention.

Most of the time, though, if your Corgi lives in a garden, he is barking at birds flying overhead. Birds can be annoying for dogs, or maybe he wants to play.

Whatever it is, don’t ignore his behavior. If you do, you’ll miss important information about what your dog is thinking and feeling.

Final thoughts

Corgis are intelligent animals who love their families. They are also very loyal and protective. However, sometimes, they tend to bank more than needed.

If you notice that your dog has started misbehaving, you should take action immediately. 

In this article, we’ve given you some tips to help you deal with inappropriate behaviors in your dog. 

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