About Fabrizio

Fabrizio is the author and founder of the site.

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Fabrizio grew up in Sicily, a small region in southern Italy, where they owned various pets, including chicken chicks, parrots, canaries, cats, and dogs. Due to the rural-urban area, they often rescued homeless puppies and cats.

Years after, Fabrizio and his partner moved to Hungary and purchased land in the countryside. They enjoy the beauty of the animals living in the woods around their home, such as storks that migrate to Hungary during the summer to raise their hatchlings before returning to Africa.

Living in a rural area has allowed Fabrizio to study fauna in-depth and observe deer, foxes, and rabbits playing around their home on a daily basis.

stork migration

My aim

Studying their behavior has become his mission, and from here was born the desire to start this blog to share his experience with all of you.

How do I create content?

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