Dog’s PSI calculator (Bite Force Calculator)

  • By: Fabrizio
  • Date: July 28, 2023
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Welcome to out dog’s PSI calculator, also known as the bite force calculator.

If you are new to this type of concept, in short a PSI is the unit of measure for the amount of pressure a dog’s jaw can exert while biting. This is an important factor to consider when trying to determine how powerful your puppy or adult dog is in terms of its bite force.

Using our tool, you’ll be able to calculate the PSI rating for your pet in just a few clicks.

Choose from the drawdown menu your dog breed; once you’ve selected it, simply click on calculate PSI, that simple!

Dog PSI Calculator

Your dog breed is not on our list? Let us know by emailing us, and we’ll be sure to add it.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the bite force and PSI ratings, please don’t hesitate to check out our blog section for useful information on the subject.

Thank you for using Dog’s PSI calculator!

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