20+Funny Names For Hedgehogs [year]

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Are you a new hedgehog owner hunting for the perfect whimsical moniker for your prickly companion? Picking out an amusing name can add a fun layer to pet ownership! Our blog post is here to spark your creativity with an array of cute, silly and pop culture-inspired names that embody the charm of these exotic animals.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and find the best funny name for your hedgehog today!

Key Takeaways

  • Naming your hedgehog can be a fun way to add personality to your pet.
  • Some unique and silly names for hedgehogs include Mr. Pricklepants, Biscuit, and Cactus.
  • You can also choose pop culture – inspired names like Sonic or Luna.
  • Cute and adorable names for hedgehogs include Button, Cupcake, and Snuggles.

Funny Hedgehog Names

In this section, we will explore unique and silly names for your hedgehog, as well as names derived from popular culture.

Unique and Silly Names

You can give your hedgehog a name that is both unique and silly. These names may make you laugh or smile. Some of the best unique and silly names for pet hedgehogs are:

  1. Mr. Pricklepants
  2. Sonic
  3. Biscuit
  4. Brillo
  5. Button
  6. Cactus
  7. Ginger
  8. Harley
  9. Harry
  10. Herbert
  11. Needles
  12. Prickles
  13. Spike
  14. Thorn

Names Derived From Pop Culture

Pop culture gives us fun names for hedgehogs. Here are some top picks:

  1. Sonic: This name comes from “Sonic the Hedgehog”, a Sega video game.
  2. Harley: It’s short for “Harley Quill”, a funny twist on the popular character Harley Quinn.
  3. Luna: A nod to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, perfect for a quirky pet!
  4. Prickles: This is the name of Disney’s cute hedgehog in ‘The Wild’.
  5. Amy Rose, Silver, Shadow, Super Sonic: More characters from the Sonic game series.
  6. Mr. Pricklepants: From “Toy Story 3”, an actor with many spines!
  7. Bruce Quillis: A clever pun based on the actor Bruce Willis’ name.
  8. Quill Smith and Quillary Rodham Clinton: Two names made by adding ‘quill’ to famous people’s names.
  9. Quilliam Shatner and Shaquill O’Neal: Similar to above, these use actors’ and athletes’ names.

Cute and Adorable Hedgehog Names

Funny names for hedgehogs

You can make your pet hedgehog even more charming with a cute name. Here is a list of adorable names that you can consider:

  1. Biscuit
  2. Button
  3. Cupcake
  4. Snuggles
  5. Luna
  6. Ginger
  7. Harley
  8. Hazel
  9. Bijou
  10. Blondie

Hedgehog Names with a Harry Potter Twist

The Harry Potter books are full of magical names. They also make great hedgehog names. Here are a few:

  1. Harry Hedgehog
  2. Luna
  3. Prickles Granger
  4. Mr. Pricklepants Weasley
  5. Huffleprick
  6. Slytherspike
  7. Quillditch
  8. Dumbleshore
  9. Snidget, the golden ball in Quidditch
  10. Hoggywarts.

Tips for Naming Your Hedgehog

Tips for naming your hedgehog

  • Consider your hedgehog’s appearance or behavior when choosing a name.
  • Think about your favorite actors or characters from pop culture for inspiration.
  • Choose a name that will stay relevant throughout your hedgehog’s three to five year lifespan.
  • Look for cute names like Baby, Button, Cupcake, or Princess.
  • Get silly with names inspired by their spiky nature, such as Butterball, Cactus, Fluffy, or Prickles.


In conclusion, naming your hedgehog can be a fun and creative experience. Whether you choose a funny name inspired by their spiky nature or opt for something cute and adorable, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Consider their appearance, behavior, or even favorite characters from pop culture when coming up with the perfect name for your prickly friend. So go ahead and give your hedgehog a name that will make everyone smile!


1. What are some funny names to call a pet hedgehog?

You can use humorous names like Don Quillote, Hedgegar Allen Poke, or Prickly Patty for your pet hedgehog. Some other options include Sir Qu, Snoop Hoggy Hog and Russell.

2. Can pop culture inspire me to find my hedgehog’s name?

Absolutely! You can pick from famous people names or cartoon hedgehogs for inspiration. For example, names like Mrs. Tiggywinkle from Beatrix Potter books or Harry Potter-themed hedgehog names might be fun!

3. Are there any tips on naming a girl or boy hedgehog?

Sure, when naming your female or male hedgehog consider their animal characteristics and behavior as well as their adorable nature. It will make the name more fitting.

4. How do I choose a unique name for my baby African pygmy hedgeho?

Look at its bristles and think about its prickly nature while considering trendy but cute and silly names such as Hedgie McQuigglesor Spikey McSpikeface.

5.I want cool, clever and social media friendly name for my nocturnal friend that could relate to his eating habits?

Considering their diet and nocturnal behavior with an overlay of humor you could use something quirky like “Quilla-Quilla” in this case.

6.Are these all the available options in choosing a comfortable yet fashionable name according to private area protection of the pets?

No! There are plenty of creative A-to-Z choices that reflect an understanding of exotic small pets’ vulnerable sides like Winston Churchquill also keeping them chic.

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