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Are Doves Smart Birds? (Explained)

There are many debates about how different smart types of animals are. Some people say that dogs are the smartest, while others argue that cats are the smartest. But about doves? Are doves smart?

I decided to investigate, and this is what I found out:

In general, doves are pretty smart birds. They can quickly adapt to their environment and find ways to obtain food. Studies have shown that they are capable of complex problem-solving tasks and can even remember the faces of individual humans. 

Also, they exhibit a high level of social intelligence, often forming close bonds with other doves and working cooperatively in groups.

But there’s more to learn about doves.

In this article, we will explore the intelligence of doves and find out whether or not they are truly smart creatures!

Let’s dive in.

Are doves intelligent?

Studies have shown that doves are pretty smart, and they are known to use various deception strategies to get what they want. 

They also have an impressive capacity for learning, and they can quickly learn how to perform new tasks.

Also, doves are masters of deception, and they often use their cunning to escape predators or to find food. All of these attributes make doves very interesting creatures, and it is no wonder that humans have long revered them.

They have also collaborated with other birds to steal food or trick predators. So while they may seem sweet and innocent, doves are quite crafty birds.

Are they the smartest bird? That’s debatable. But there’s no doubt that they are smarter than they appear.

How smart are doves?

Doves are considered to be among the smartest birds, and science has recently started to measure this. According to one study conducted at the University of Vienna, doves can recognize individual human faces in photographs, suggesting that they have a greater level of intelligence than previously thought.

Furthermore, researchers believe doves can remember past experiences and use that memory to make decisions about their environment. This suggests that doves can learn from their experiences, think critically, and plan.

Research also suggests that these smart birds are capable of communication through vocalizations and even solving complex problems. For example, doves have been known to quickly figure out how to manipulate objects to find food or escape predators.

Can doves recognize humans?

Can doves recognize humans? The answer may surprise you. While most think of doves as simple, dove intelligence is quite complex.

Studies have shown that these birds are capable of long-term memory, and they can also learn to recognize individual human faces.

In fact, doves are significantly more likely to approach a familiar face than an unfamiliar one, indicating that they have remembered the faces from previous human interactions.

What makes them so special?

It is commonly accepted that doves represent peace, but this may not be the whole story. In fact, doves are very intelligent birds, and they have many unique characteristics that set them apart from other bird species.

For example, doves can adapt quickly to new surroundings, and they have excellent memory.

This allows them to remember the location of food sources and potential dangers. Also, doves are very social creatures, and they often form close bonds with other doves.

This behavior is likely due to their high level of intelligence.

In fact, this allows them to avoid predators and find mates. Ultimately, these traits make doves well-suited to survive in various habitats.

While they may not always be the friendliest birds around, there is no doubt that doves are intelligent creatures.

Are doves smarter than pigeons?

Doves and pigeons are both considered to be fairly intelligent birds. However, some experts believe that doves may be slightly more intelligent than pigeons. 

This is because doves are known to be better at problem-solving and adaptability. Also, they are more social than pigeons and are better able to remember the faces of individual humans.

While both birds are considered to be fairly intelligent, doves may have a slight edge over pigeons in terms of intelligence.

That’s because doves are better at problem-solving, adaptability, and social skills. So while they may not be the smartest bird around, they are smarter than they appear.

However, despite their intelligence, doves are still commonly wild animals, and they should be treated with caution.

What is the difference between a dove and a pigeon?

Doves and pigeons are both in the Columbidae family. The main difference between doves and pigeons is that doves typically have more slender bodies, shorter necks, and longer tail feathers than pigeons. 

Also, the iris of a dove’s eye is usually brown or red, whereas the iris of a pigeon’s eye is typically gray or blue. Finally, doves coo, whereas pigeons make a harsh “clucking” sound.

So, While doves and pigeons may look similar at first glance, there are a few key differences between these two birds.

  • Doves are smaller than pigeons, with slimmer bodies and long tails. 
  • They also have softer cooing calls, while pigeons make a harsher cooing sound. 
  • The dove’s feathers are usually pure white or light gray, while pigeons are more varied in color. 
  • Doves are generally considered to be symbols of peace and love, while pigeons are more often seen as dirty pests. 

All of these factors help to set doves and pigeons apart from one another.

But when it comes to being the smartest bird on Earth, they certainly are not at the top of the list. However, they are still pretty darn smart for a bird.

So if they are not the smartest bird, then who is?

Well, let’s keep dabbling in the avian world and find out.

What is the smartest bird on Earth?

When it comes to bird intelligence, there are a few contenders for the title of the smartest bird on Earth. One of the most frequently mentioned is the African grey parrot.

African grey parrots are known for their ability to mimic human speech, and they have been shown to understand basic concepts such as shape, color, and number. Moreover, they have been known to use human-like strategies when solving problems.

Another contender for the title of smartest bird is the crow. Crows are incredibly adept at using tools, and they have been known to make and use tools that are just as complex as those made by chimpanzees.

Also, crows have an impressive memory, and they can remember human faces for years.


Before we move on to the conclusion, we’ve summarized this article into a short list of key points for you to remember:

  • Doves are smarter than they appear and have impressive problem-solving skills.
  • The main difference between doves and pigeons is their size, color, and sound.
  • African grey parrots and crows are two of the smartest birds on Earth.
  • Crows have been known to use tools that are just as complex as those made by chimpanzees.


In this article, we discussed whether doves are smart. We found that while they may not be the smartest bird around, they are still pretty darn smart for a bird.

African grey parrots and crows are two contenders for the title of the smartest bird on Earth.

Ultimately, the title of smartest bird is still up for debate. However, there is no doubt that doves are intelligent creatures that are more than just symbols of peace and love.

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