Cost to Own a Hedgehog: Everything You Need to Know!

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Owning a pet hedgehog can be a rewarding and unique experience, but it is essential to understand all the costs associated with owning one before taking on such a responsibility.

I love hedgehogs. Recently, a friend of mine bought one as a pet since he’s got a lot of time to spend with it. But he didn’t consider the cost of owning one and had to pay more than expected.

In this article, we’ll go over the most important facts about how much it costs to own a hedgehog, including initial purchase costs, ongoing care expenses, and necessary supplies.

After reading this article, you will better understand the commitment required to take good care of a hedgehog.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Is it legally possible to own a hedgehog?

Owning a hedgehog as a pet is becoming more and more popular, but is it legally possible? It depends on where you live.

In some states, such as California and Pennsylvania, owning a hedgehog is illegal due to health and safety concerns. Other states have laws that require owners to obtain special permits or licenses in order to keep hedgehogs as pets.

While in the UK, you can own a pet hedgehog without any legal complications as long as it is the species of the African pygmy hedgehog.

How much are hedgehogs?

The cost of buying a hedgehog can vary depending on where you purchase them, the age, color, and breed. On average, you can expect to pay around $150, with more rare breeds going upwards of $500.

That said, aside from the purchase price, there is also the ongoing cost of buying and replacing supplies such as food, cages, bedding materials, toys, and any other necessary items needed for proper care of this exotic pet species.

So, it’s important to be aware of the total cost of ownership before you commit because, unfortunately, often, these costs can be higher than you initially expect.

How does the color impact the price?

The color of a hedgehog can play an important role in determining its price. Generally, more vibrant colors such as silver pinto, white-bellied, and albino hedgehogs tend to be more expensive than standard brown or gray-colored hedgehogs.

Breeders typically sell the most exotic-looking hedgehogs for the highest prices due to their rarity. Some breeders may even charge extra for certain color variations that are particularly uncommon.

Having that said, let’s break down the most common hedgehog’s colors and their average prices:

  • Pinto hedgehog. Pinto hedgehogs are a popular breed due to their unique patterns. Generally, these hedgehogs have black and white patches that cover most of their bodies. As for the price, pinto hedgehogs typically cost around $200.
  •  Albino hedgehog. Albino hedgehogs have white coats and red eyes. They are considered a rare breed and cost more than other types of hedgehogs. The average price for an albino hedgehog is around $300.
  •  Black hedgehog. Black hedgehogs are easily distinguishable due to their sleek black coat. Their price float around $150. While they are not as rare as other colors, they can still make an interesting pet for someone looking for something unique. 

Buying from a breeder or pet store: What’s the difference?

When choosing a hedgehog, there are two main options: buying from a breeder or a pet store. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Breeders are often more knowledgeable about the care and personality of each type of hedgehog they have available. They typically raise their animals in a controlled environment and can provide personalized advice on the best kind of hedgehog for you and your family.

However, most breeders will require an additional fee for delivering your future furry friend and any necessary vaccinations before purchase.

On the other hand, pet stores can be more convenient regarding location and cost. Most stores carry several breeds at once, so you can see all the different types before deciding. Also, many stores offer discounts when purchasing items like food, bedding material, and toys.

How much would it cost me to buy it from the breeder?

The cost of buying a hedgehog from a breeder can vary widely depending on where you live, the type of hedgehog you purchase, and the breeder’s experience and reputation.

Generally, expect to pay between $50 and $ 400 for an adult hedgehog. A younger one may cost less due to the time and resources invested in raising it, while some rare breeds may cost more.

How much would it cost me to buy it from the pet store?

Buying a hedgehog from a pet store can vary from $50 to $200, depending on the breed and age.

That said, it is also important to note that pet stores may have less knowledge about the animal and its care than a breeder would since they usually have many different animals under their care.

Be sure to ask questions about the health and origin of the animal so you can ensure they are healthy when they arrive in your home.

 Some of the questions you may want to consider asking the pet store include the following:

  • Where did the hedgehog come from?
  •  What age is the hedgehog?
  •  Has the hedgehog ever been vaccinated for any disease or received any preventative treatment such as flea/tick prevention?
  •  Does the hedgehog display any signs of distress, lethargy, poor appetite, or other health issues?
  •  How has the previous owner cared for the animal?

Has the hedgehog been living with other animals, and do you know if they are friendly with one another?

These questions will help you assess whether this hedgehog is right for you and your family. A reputable seller will be able to provide records of veterinary exams showing that their animals have been well cared for.

Initial costs for owning a hedgehog

Owning a hedgehog is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, before taking the plunge, it is important to consider the initial costs associated with purchasing and caring for one of these unique little creatures.

Here, we’ll outline what you need to purchase in order to avoid any unexpected surprises later:

  • Cage. The first essential item you will need to purchase is a cage for your hedgehog. Depending on the size of your pet, you may need to purchase a larger or smaller cage with an average price ranging from $50 to $150.
  •  Food. Hedgehogs require a specific diet to remain healthy. While there are specially designed hedgehog food mixes, some owners prefer to feed their pets more natural diets, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Depending on your food choice, you can spend around $20-30 monthly on supplies.
  •  Food bowl. Your hedgehog will need a place to eat. Food bowls are generally cheap and can be purchased for around $5-$10.
  •  Bedding. To keep your pet warm, you will need to purchase some bedding, such as wood shavings or paper-based litter. These materials are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $5 to $15.
  •  Water bottle. Hedgehogs also need access to water. An easy way to provide this is by purchasing a water bottle that attaches to the side of the cage. These bottles are relatively affordable and can typically be found for around $5-$10.
  •  Exercise wheel. Like any other pet, hedgehogs need stimulation and activities to entertain them. You can purchase toys such as an exercise wheel for around $20.
  •  A burrowing. Of course, how can we forget about the burrowing? Hedgehogs like to burrow and create nests to sleep, so you should also purchase some material they can use for this purpose. Straw and hay are both great options, with prices ranging from $5-$10.

Finally, purchase other supplies, such as a hideaway house, toys, and treats. While these items are not essential, they can help make your pet’s environment more comfortable and enjoyable. Prices of these products vary depending on the type and quality.

Ongoing costs for owning a hedgehog

Owning a hedgehog is not just a one-time expense. To maintain your pet’s health, you will need to provide regular veterinary care and purchase food and bedding material on a regular basis.

Veterinary care

For vet visits, expect to pay between $50-$100 per visit for basic checkups or vaccinations. It will be significantly more expensive if you decide to spay or neuter your hedgehog.

Food and treats

Providing a healthy diet is essential when it comes to food and treats for hedgehogs. Specialized hedgehog food is the best option, as it contains the nutrients necessary for their diet.

This type of food can cost anywhere from $7-$20 per month, depending on quality. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be offered in moderation as an occasional treat.

Extra accessories

In addition to their diet, hedgehogs enjoy a variety of toys and enrichment activities. These can include tunnels and balls that are specifically designed for small animals like hedgehogs.

These typically cost between $5-$15 each. As with any pet, providing your hedgehog with stimulating toys helps keep them active and mentally engaged.

Note: Though owning a hedgehog requires an initial investment of supplies and ongoing expenses for care, it is well worth it for a loyal companion that will bring joy into your life!

What is the annual cost of owning a hedgehog?

The annual cost of owning a hedgehog will depend on the specific needs of your pet. You can expect to spend around $400-$600 annually on supplies, food, vet visits, and other miscellaneous expenses.

This is just an estimation since the actual cost may vary depending on the type of food you choose, the type of bedding, and other specific needs. Of course, all pet owners will also need to consider the factor of love and dedication!

Is it possible to own a hedgehog with a limited budget?

Yes, you can own a hedgehog if you’re on a budget. Hedgehogs can be an affordable pet option, requiring minimal space and equipment.

Veterinary care is relatively inexpensive compared to larger animals such as dogs or cats. Though hedgehogs typically have low food costs, their bedding can be more expensive.

When preparing for a hedgehog, you do not have to purchase all the items at once; instead, build up a collection of supplies over time.

Before buying bedding for the cage, research ways to create a cost-effective habitat for your hedgie, such as using newspaper strips and shredded paper towels for insulation or making homemade toys like hidey-hole out of cardboard boxes.

What is the cost of a baby hedgehog?

If you want to adopt a baby hedgehog, you can expect to pay between $100-$200, depending on the breeder. This cost does not include supplies such as food, bedding, and necessary vaccinations. The cost of adopting a hedgehog may vary depending on the age and breed of the animal.


Before we move on to the conclusion, we’ve summarized this article into a short list of key points for you to remember:

  • Remember that owning any pet is a commitment that requires ongoing financial support.
  • On average, you can spend around $400-$600 per year on supplies, food, vet visits, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Private breeders may charge a little more than a general pet store, but you’ll get to know more about the hedgehog’s history.
  • There are ways to create a cost-effective habitat for your hedgie, such as using newspaper strips and shredded paper towels for insulation or making homemade toys like hiding holes in cardboard boxes.


Hedgehogs can be an affordable pet option, as they require minimal space and equipment. Though owning a hedgehog requires an initial investment of supplies and ongoing expenses for care, it is well worth it for a loyal companion that will bring joy into your life.

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