Do Chinchillas Get Along With Birds? (Explained)

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With global popularity increasing in recent years, the number of chinchillas purchased at pet stores has increased.

Perhaps you’ve watched some videos on YouTube, and you’ve fallen in love with these adorable creatures and decided to get one for yourself. Despite your pet’s presence in your household, you might wonder if your new chinchilla pet will coexist peacefully with your bird.

So, do chinchillas get along with birds?

Chinchillas and birds do not get along very well because they have different needs and lifestyles. Birds can be kept in cages to play and fly, but chinchillas are more active and need to run around and play.

Unfortunately, many bird owners try to keep chinchillas and birds together because they think it will be a good idea. But in reality, this is a recipe for disaster because birds and chinchillas are different animals.

In this article, we will discuss the conflict between chinchillas and birds and give some examples of how to prevent conflict between the two species.

Let’s dive right in.

Can chinchillas live with birds?

Chinchillas can live with birds but should not be kept in the same cage. The interaction between the two animals can be dangerous to both. Chinchillas tend to bite when they feel threatened or stressed.

That said, it is possible to keep a chinchilla, and birds live peacefully but not in the same cage.

Now, why would a chinchilla bite? There are many reasons. Chinchillas can startle by sudden movements or loud noises near their cage. In fact, a chinchilla’s owner from the chin forum describes the chinchilla as somewhat skittish.

I have my parakeets set up close to the chin cage, and I have a cockatiel in the living room where the wood stove is. The parakeets are noisier as a group than my cockatiel. Sometimes when the keets get overly noisy, it can temporarily spook my chin, Tinkerbell, but they coexist just fine with each other. The keets live in cooler conditions since they live in the same room, and they do just fine. I don’t see any issues with adding a bird to your household. I love having the diversity.

Jenn (From the Chin Forum)


How do you introduce your chinchilla to a bird?

Chinchillas are very social animals and need companionship. Introducing a bird to your chinchilla can be a great way to bond the two animals together.

  1. Start by placing your bird in a cage that is large enough for both of them. Make sure that your bird has plenty of room to move around and that the cage is not too small.
  2. Put some food for the bird in the cage and let the bird explore. When the bird is in its cage, put its toys in there.
  3. Make sure to keep them in different rooms for some time so that they can become comfortable.

Whatever approach you decide to take, remember to check to make sure your chinchilla is not frightened by the bird or vice versa.

Even though this may seem like lots of work, you will be glad you prepared before you brought home your new pets.

Considerations before introducing your chinchillas

Different bird species have different needs and habitats. Before introducing a chinchilla to a bird, you should consider the following!

  1. Introducing a chinchilla to a bird needs caution.
  2. Different bird species have different needs and habitats
  3. Chinchillas need space to run + toys.

Birds cockatiel, dove, finch, or similar-sized birds tend to be good companions.

Note: Conures are VERY active birds. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend keeping them in the same cage as chinchillas or even with other birds different from their species.

Conures can sometimes be very aggressive and bite even birds from the same specie. So this is something to be very careful about.

Now, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when deciding whether or not your bird and chinchilla should live together.


The temperaments of both your chinchilla and your bird could ultimately determine whether your chinchilla will live well with a bird or not. In general, chinchillas are more compatible with the same species and should never share their enclosure with other animals.

Note: Chinchilla may bite on anything they can get their teeth on, including furniture.


Depending on the type of bird you have, you may need to make some adjustments. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it is best to keep them in different cages altogether.

But, if you don’t have the budget to buy another cage, here are a few things you should know.

Chinchillas can jump on top of your bird to establish dominance. This behavior can injure your bird, especially if it’s a budgie or cockatiel!

So what can you do if you want to save some money? Ideally, the cage should have a wire mesh separator so that the two animals can’t reach each other.

The best way to do this is to get a cage with two levels. The top level should be for your bird and the bottom one for your chinchilla.

Alternatively, If you want a more permanent solution, you might want to invest in a separate cage for your chinchilla. This will solve the problem.


There are also differences in dietary preferences between chicks and birds, so separate food sources would ensure peace between the two.

It is essential that birds are fed a diet rich in protein and fat, while chinchillas are fed fiber and fat.

While on the other hand, birds can eat various seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Do not let your pets eat each other’s food if you feed them at different times. Alternatively, you might prefer to place them in the same cage with a wire mesh separator.


There is no specific age for birds and chinchillas to live together. But, on average, the younger the chinchilla, the better. You may find that a younger chinchilla can be less likely to pick on your bird.

Chinchillas vs. Bird’s personalities

There are many differences between birds and chinchillas that distinguish their personalities.

  • Chinchillas are curious, energetic, and playful creatures. They love to explore their surroundings.
  • On average small birds tend to be cautious and territorial.
  • Chinchillas live up to 8 years, on average, while depending on the type of bird, they can live up to 12 years.

That’s why if you have a young chinchilla, it’s a good idea to introduce your bird when the chinchilla is still young.

What bird breeds are good for chinchillas?

Generally, most small, non-predatory birds can make great companions for chinchillas. Most domestic pet birds, such as budgies, doves, and cockatiels, should do just fine.

That said, every case is different, but chinchillas, just like any animal, do better when they have a partner and a pack. Having a single chinchilla who lives with birds is fine, and it can help with socializing and bonding.

However, it’s common for female chinchillas to want to bond with another female chinchilla of the same species.

What do you do if your chinchilla and bird don’t get along?

If your chinchilla and bird do not get along despite your best efforts, consider:

  • Introducing your chinchilla to more docile birds, like cockatiels.
  • Make sure there are plenty of hiding places nearby for the chinchilla and that the bird has a lot of perches.
  • Keep them entertained with toys.

If this seems intimidating, don’t be afraid to take a trip to the vet. It might be time to check with him if you aren’t happy with how this one is going.

Are there other pets chinchillas get along with?

In general, chinchillas are compatible with birds, with the exception of those with big personalities. As always, it is best to introduce chinchillas and birds to each other when they are still young.

What pets do chinchillas not get along with?

Chinchillas can be quite large animals, requiring a lot of care. Try to determine if the Chinchilla is appropriate for your home because they aren’t compatible with all animals.

With that being said, some pets are best to avoid introducing altogether as:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Large predatory birds

With that in mind, you should make sure that you know what type of animal you’re adopting.


Wrapping up

In this article, we’ve learned that it is possible for chinchillas and birds to live together and how you might decide to introduce your chinchilla to a bird.

Consider the types of birds you may want to introduce to your chinchilla and how you can ensure that it is healthy.

It is important to provide each animal with an environment suitable for its needs.

Lastly, we covered four factors that are important when deciding if you can keep a bird and a chinchilla together.

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